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Learn how important bereavement is in the dying process. Agape is equipped with a bereavement team ready to help you with grief and the mourning of a lost loved one.


GRIEF is our thoughts and feelings that occur naturally when we experience a loss. Whether the loss is due to a death, divorce, losing a job, giving up independence or addictions, just to name a few, loss is loss.

  • Grief is different for each person, even when grieving the same loss.
  • Grief can affect all aspects of one’s life.
  • Grief can be likened to an emotional roller coaster with unpredictable inclines, sudden drops and sharp curves.
  • Feelings of grief can include: shock, denial, anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, sadness, frustration, hopelessness and helplessness.
  • Grief can limit our ability to remember, concentrate and function.
  • Grief can make one feel like they are losing their mind.
  • Physical grief may include: change in appetite and sleep patterns, fatigue, chest pain or tightness, nausea, dehydration, headache and stomach pain.

MOURNING a loss are the actions one takes to outwardly process grief in order to heal. People who do not mourn put themselves at risk for future problems such as depression, physical illness, additions and failed relationships.

  • In order to heal one must make a conscience decision to mourn.
  • Mourning is hard work and requires time and patience.
  • There is no right or wrong way to mourn and no specific time frame.
  • How one mourns is dependent upon many factors including: the circumstances of the loss (expected, sudden, traumatic), the quality of the relationship, gender, age, personality, life experiences, culture and faith.

What Can You Do

Quite often, people around you withdraw because they do not know what to say or do. Help them understand that no one can “fix” or “take away” your pain, nor do you expect them to. Identify compassionate people you can talk to without being judged. A “good listener” can make a big difference. Many people find a support group beneficial because of the commonality of loss and the need to find hope.

Agape Hospice Bereavement Support Schedule

Confirm Group Information Before Attending

Agape Hospice sponsors bereavement support groups at the Agape office's located at:

Agape Hospice
2980 N Swan Rd Ste. 211
Tucson AZ 85712

Friday group meets at 10:30am - 12:00pm

Tuesday group meets at 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Click here for a full list of So. AZ Bereavement Support Services.

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