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At Agape Hospice we are always seeking individuals that would be interested in joining our dynamic, compassionate, and committed team of volunteers.


Never volunteered at a hospice before? No worries. All of our new volunteers are given an orientation that prepares them for the work they will do in our community with our patients.

This in-depth 30 hour training program takes place over the course of two weeks, addressing topics such as:

  • The hospice philosophy of living
  • Physical issues at the end of life
  • An overview of terminal illnesses
  • Emotional and spiritual considerations at the end of life
  • Information on working with family interpersonal issues and relationships
  • Information about grief and loss


Whether you are musically inclined, a veteran, an organizer, or simply a great listener, our volunteer program has a place for you. Here are some of the different arenas we have within our volunteer program:


Our musical volunteers gift their musical talents to our patients and their families. Some musical volunteers perform mini-concerts for groups of residents at assisted living homes and skilled nursing facilities.

Others bring their music to the bedside, playing for patients as they near the end of their life. This type of musical performance can be a huge blessing to the patients, as well as to their loved ones.

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Volunteer playing guitar for patients
Veteran honoring with patient and Agape volunteers

Honoring Veterans

We believe that honoring veterans for their service to our country is a crucial part to the end-of-life journey. There are a number of ways we do this. We provide branch-specific pins to our veterans in a ceremony we call pinning. This is a very individualized and personal experience for the veteran, and their loved ones.

Another ceremony we provide for veterans is a presentation of certificates of gratitude. This is typically a larger event in which we honor many veterans at once, presenting them with certificates of gratitude in front of their friends, family, and fellow residents in an assisted living community. Often this event includes active duty military presenting the certificates, and live patriotic music from our musical volunteers.

A new program that we are trying to develop and promote is a volunteer opportunity we call Coffee with a Veteran. This is what it sounds like. We send out veteran volunteers out into assisted living communities around the city to gather with veterans, drink coffee, and reminisce.

If you are in active duty military, are a veteran, or simply have a heart to serve our veterans, we would love to have you join us in our endeavors to honor the veterans in our community.

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When a patient is close to death, we call on our vigil volunteers. Vigil volunteers sit at the patient’s bedside during their final hours. The vigil volunteer program sees to it that no patient of ours dies alone. If friends and family surround a patient as the end nears, we will offer the vigil program, but it is not always requested. This volunteer service is typically provided to patients who are alone at the end of their life.

Often times the volunteer will read scripture, sing songs, or just hold the patients hand. It is an incredible honor to be able to provide this personal touch to people for the last time in their lives. We provide special training to our volunteers who are seeking to be a part of our vigiling program.

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volunteer playing guitar at patient bed side
stock photo of patient support

General Patient Support

Most of our volunteers provide general patient support. This can look like a lot of different things. Our volunteer coordinator works to pair you with a patient of ours that may have similar interests, hobbies, political tendencies, and even religious beliefs. The goal is for the volunteer to simply be a friend to the patient; a hand to hold and ears to listen.

Different types of activities include reading the news paper, walking the dog, watching sporting events on TV, reading novels, listening, and most importantly: just being there.

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Our office team, our bereavement program, and our volunteer program are always looking for administrative volunteers willing to help with things such as unpacking medical and non-medical supplies, filing, arts and crafts, and other general administrative supports. If you have a desire to help us do what it takes internally to provide excellent hospice care externally, we will find a place for you!

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Agape volunteer helping file papers at the office