If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.

- Paulo Coelho 

What we’re committed to
We are committed to providing the highest quality, patient-centered hospice services to our patients, and to assist them in achieving the highest quality of life possible during their final season of life.  Our qualified, trustworthy and compassionate personnel are committed to going above and beyond in their efforts to serve those in our care.
What is Hospice
Hospice philosophy
Hospice is not about dying, rather it is about living and maximizing the quality of life that a person has remaining. It recognizes death as a normal part of life and engages not only the patient but also loved ones as it provides a team of specialists to care for people as they write that final chapter of life’s journey.
Agape volunteers
Are you passionate about people? Are you looking for ways to give back? Would you like to make a difference in others’ lives? We at Agape Hospice are seeking individuals to join our dynamic, compassionate, and committed team of volunteers.
Contact Us
How to get in touch with Agape Hospice
Phone:520.207.5817 Fax:520.207.6507
Office Hours:Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Meet Our Hospice Team

Bill Holmes – Chief Executive Officer
Our Chief Executive Officer, Bill Holmes, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to positioning Agape Hospice as the premier end-of-life service in Southern Arizona.
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Sam Burns – Chief Operating Officer
Sam Burns, has been involved with the senior population in Tucson for the past 10 years.
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Tammy Burns – Governing Board Chair and Founder
Tammy Burns brings her knowledge of business management, passion for personal development, and heart for the sick and dying to the position of Executive Director.
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Dr. Joel Moncivaiz, MD – Medical Director
Our Medical Director, Dr. Joel Moncivaiz, provides clinical oversight to our clinical team.

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Quick Contact


Physician Owned

William Martz, MD ensures expertise at the highest level within Agape Hospice Read More Agape

Assisted Living Manager Owned

Tammy Burns has her assisted living managers license. Ensuring compliance with assisted living regulations.

Care Connection Show Host Owned

Russell Burns, owner. Runs and operated the Care Connection Senior Show, giving seniors a voice. Care Connection


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Educators offering classes to staff and the community on:

  • Pain Management for Patients with Dementia
  • Non-medical treatments for pain/anxiety
  • Skin breakdown prevention
  • Oxygen safety
  • Managing agitation
  • Talking with loved ones about death


End of Life’s Journey Bag, to optimize the patient’s final days with their loved ones.  

Our accomplished leadership team developed a bag containing snacks, informational material, and a customized tranquility promoting lotion. The lotion integrates quality, essential oils of lavender, lemon grass and rose with a high quality base lotion, and is designed to promote the use of touch by loved ones during a tperson’s final days.